Insta Stories Viewer Vs Instanavigation

Instagram stories are fun and creative entertainment content that lasts for 24 hours. They appear in vertical format and can last up to 60 seconds. IG stories allow users and businesses to engage with their followers creatively. Some people want to download them directly from the platform but can’t because of Instagram’s security measures. But they can download IG stories from any online Instagram downloader tool. 

The internet is full of downloaders for Instagram content. However, some downloaders won’t be able to meet your requirements. And finding the perfect Instagram story viewer among the different options that meet your requirements can be challenging. So, we put together a plan to make it easy for you. Here, we will talk about the comparison of the two best Instagram story downloaders. Let’s discuss them in detail to determine which will satisfy your requirements!

Why Do You Need an Instagram Story Viewer?

Why Do You Need an Instagram Story Viewer

There are many reasons why you should use an Instagram story viewer and downloader. Anonymity is the main reason that makes us want to use them. Sometimes, we want to stalk someone and watch their IG stories but cannot do so because Instagram will show your username on the story viewing list. Here, you need an anonymous IG story viewer that you can use to view IG stories without letting them know. You can also monitor your competitors profiles to see their strategy and activity. These are the requirements to use an Instagram story viewer.



Insta-stories-viewer is a powerful web-based tool that lets you download Insta stories with just a few clicks. It has a straightforward interface that makes it super accessible for everyone. Like other complex tools, Insta-stories-viewer doesn’t ask users to sign in to an account or pay any registration fee to use its services. You have to just paste the IG story’s URL in the input box of this instagram downloader and click the download button. Next, you will have to select the preferred file format. After that, simply click the download button in front of the format in which you want to save insta story.

✅ 100% Anonymity Guarantee❌ Doesn’t Save Stories from Private Account
✅ Free of Cost
✅ Quick Downloader
✅ No Signup Required
✅ Unlimited Downloads



This one is the next top Instagram downloader. Instanavigation is also a web-based tool that can easily download insta stories quickly. You can use it for free without worrying about security concerns. If you want to save IG story on your device, just paste its URL and click the download button. It also doesn’t restrict users to the number of stories they can download Instagram stories. You can download instagram stories from insta as you want without facing problems.

✅ Supports All Devices❌ Doesn’t download IG Stories of Private Accounts
✅ No Ads❌ Takes time to Download Story
✅ Totally Free❌ Lack of Advanced Monitoring Features
✅ No Account Needed

Which One is Better?

Both IG downloaders for Instagram stories have their advantages and drawbacks as well. But we will advise you to choose the isnta-stories-viewer tool over the instanavigation. It contributes to a more enjoyable user experience as compared to the instanavigation tool. Insta-stories-viewer has more advanced features, including the anonymity feature. This tool is not only a viewer but also an instagram downloading tool. It can download instagram stories without letting anyone know. You can also feel at ease from a safety perspective if you choose Insta Stories viewer.

Wrap Up

Instagram Stories provides a wide range of creative and entertaining ways for individual users and online businesses. Don’t be afraid to have fun with Instagram stories and download instagram stories. After reading this article, I hope you will better understand Instagram downloaders. Let’s give them a try and see which one suits your needs.

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