Welcome to Insta Stories Viewer! Explore, enjoy, and download Instagram stories anonymously.

Who We Are?

Insta Stories viewer is here to facilitate all the Insta users who want to anonymously stalk their friends, crush, ex, or competitors. Meet our passionate team members below.

Max Athena(CEO)

Max Athena is a passionate person and CEO of Insta Stories Viewer. His vision of making it easier for everyone to access Instagram content is the backbone of our website. Max works with his team to relay his ideas and bring his imagination into real life. His positive attitude and passion for innovation have familiarized Insta Story Viewer with countless people.

Luna Arthur(Developer) 

Luna Arthur is Insta Story Viewer’s leading server developer who excels in diverse programming languages. She efficiently creates websites to meet innovative and digital solutions. Luna is a top expert in her field and has breathed new life into the vision of Max with her coding skills. She has made it easier to access and enjoy Instagram privately.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Insta Stories Viewer gives you a unique, private, and more immersive Instagram experience as our efficient working algorithms hide your activity from the account’s owner’s eyes. Additionally, we have listed below a few of our top features that make us stand out.

Free of Cost Services 

Insta Stories Viewer provides you with its services for free without charging you a single penny. We have left no need for you to buy a paid subscription with your hard-earned money just to stalk someone on Instagram.

Time Saving

We respect how precious your time is; that’s why we have designed Insta stories viewer to work quickly and entertain you with your desired Instagram content within a few clicks.

User Friendly 

We aim to provide our users with the best user experience beyond their expectations. We have kept the Insta stories viewer’s interface super friendly for everyone, especially beginners who don’t need to see any video tutorial to operate this online tool. 

Our Vision

We aim to create a top website for everyone to explore Instagram anonymously. Our goal is to ensure that every visitor of Insta Stories Viewer gets the best user experience beyond their expectations. We also aim to enhance the reach of Instagram to those who don’t own an IG account or anonymously want to stalk their crush.