Insta-Stories-Viewer Vs. Insanony IG Story Viewer

Instagram stories are located at the top of the home page and have the potential to grab the attention of most users. It is one of Instagram’s most popular features, contributing to its popularity. Instagram also provides the story creators with a list of names of viewers.  Many users want to view Instagram stories anonymously but cannot do so. If you’re an Instagram user, you must know the reason. This social media platform uses strict privacy techniques to keep its user’s content safe and secure. Moreover, it doesn’t allow users to download content directly from Instagram. If you are still unaware of how to view insta stories anonymously with Ig story viewer, don’t worry. Here, we will tell you a safe way to download IG story without facing problems.

Other than this, we will also discuss the comparison between the top 2 Instagram downloaders. Keep reading if you want to know how to save unlimited Insta stories within a few seconds for free.

How to Use Online Instagram Story Viewer & Downloader

Almost all online Instagram story viewers & downloaders had similar interfaces. It’s simple to use an online tool to download IG story; just follow the given steps to get started.

  • First, copy the IG story’s URL that you want to download.
  • Open your browser and search for an online Instagram story viewer.
  • Click on any site and paste the copied URL into the input box of that tool.
  • Hit the download button to start the downloading process
  • The IG story will be saved on your device within a few seconds.

Comparison Between Top Insta Story Viewers & Downloaders



Insta-story-viewer.org is a popular downloader that lets users view and download IG stories within seconds. It eliminates the need to create an account or log in to an account for its services. The best thing about this tool is that it has the feature of anonymity. Now, you can watch and download IG stories from any public account without letting them know. Insta story viewer works on every device, including Android, iPhone, Laptop, tablet, desktop computer, etc. This tool also uses advanced techniques to secure its user’s data.

Insanony IG story Viewer

Insanony IG story Viewer

Insanony IG Story Viewer is another incredible viewer and downloader for Instagram stories. You can easily search for and view anyone’s insta story by just pasting the person’s IG username in the input box of Insanony. This Instagram story viewer allows you to download Instagram stories. It also lets users view instagram stories anonymously.

Insta-stories-viewer Vs. Insanony

Insta-stories-viewer Vs. Insanony
Insta Stories ViewerInsanony IG Story Viewer
It is a quick tool that downloads stories when you click the download button.Insanony takes a few seconds to download IG story.
Insta stories viewer has an easy user interface that makes viewing easy.It also has a straightforward interface.
There is no restriction on the number of stories that can be downloaded.Insonany also lets users download unlimited stories.
Insta-stories-viewer guarantees 100% anonymity.This tool also keeps your identity anonymous view IG story.
It doesn’t show any ads.It shows some ads.

These are the advanced features of both tools. Take a deep look at them and select the one that meets your requirements. Based on the provided comparison, I think insta-stories-viewer is superior to Insanony. Give this IG story Viewer a try and see the magic. 

Final Thoughts

Due to Instagram stories’ popularity, Instagram story viewers also gained much popularity. In this article, we have discussed the top ig viewers and downloaders for IG stories. I hope you now understand how to download and view Insta stories anonymously. The discussed tool will give you a smooth user experience. Choose the one that suits your requirements, and enjoy the downloading process!

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