Top 10 Trending Instagram Story Templates In 2024

Instagram stories are the most effective way to communicate with your followers. It is an engaging feature that lets users post photos and short videos. Every day, millions of users post Instagram stories. If you want to grab your follower’s attention and increase your reach, you’ve got to think outside the box.

You must try different Instagram Story Templates so your followers remain engaged. Consider using some professional layouts to make your stories more attractive. Here, we will discuss the top trending Instagram Story Templates to help you find creative IG story ideas. You can also use Insta Stories Viewer to download IG stories for inspiration. Keep reading to explore the list and find the one that suits your requirements!

Best Creative Instagram Story Template

1. Business Instagram Story Template

It is the perfect template for tech companies and new projects. This template has bold yellow tones that are usually associated with tech companies. It has an appealing font, and the pictures are perfect for business use. The set includes six perfectly sized templates.

2. Vintage Film Frame Story Template

This vintage film frame story template is ideal for adventurous travelers and photographers. You can use this template to arrange the best pictures to make them look like old-fashioned camera film reels. Your followers will surely like these kinds of stories.

3. Blue Marketing Instagram Stories Templates

If you have started an online business, this blue marketing Instagram story template from Envanto is the perfect choice. You can edit the template color and text according to your needs and requirements. It also includes editable, small objects that you can use in your story. 

4. Cread Instagram Story Templates

This incredible template helps brands and influencers maintain the consistency and professionalism of their updates. The Cread story template pack has 12 templates. The templates include editable small objects, bold headers, graphics, and more.

5. Naggy Instagram Story Template

These templates are elegant and classy. Naggy Instagram story templates can be a great option for houseware and lifestyle influencers. The pack includes ten templates with different fonts, colors, and shapes.

6. Food Stories Templates

The food IG story templates are the best choice if you enjoy sharing your food pictures with your IG family. This pack includes 6 customizable and aesthetic design templates for sharing food-themed content.

7. Instagram Quote Templates

Posting inspirational messages and quotes is a great way to increase your engagement rate. You can use these Instagram quote templates to share inspirational and motivational messages. This pack has 6 colorful and encouraging quote templates. These templates also include quote marks and more.

8. Fashion Banner Stories Templates

If you’re a retail or fashion Instagrammer, fashion banner IG story templates will be the best option to add color to your content. This template packs 6 fully editable templates that can be modified with Illustrator or Photoshop.

9. Orange Editable Story Template

This orange editable story template would be ideal for fashion and younger influencers. The templates have a fashionable creased paper effect and use vibrant colors like orange and yellow. The template pack includes five distinct designs, free fonts, picture tutorials, and additional resources.

10. Social Media Instagram Stories Templates

This enormous library of social media story templates is incredible for beginners who wish to use a recurring theme to build a powerful brand. The templates are suitable for nearly every kind of social media account and are contemporary, tidy, and minimalist. The collection includes over twenty professional designs with free Google fonts and more. 

End Note

There, you have the top 10 Instagram story templates that you can use to take your IG story content to the next level. You can easily use these IG story templates to grab your follower’s attention. Better Luck!

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