3 Foolproof Ways to Download Instagram Stories

We live in a digital world where social media platforms have become a significant part of our everyday lives. Instagram is one of the most amazing social sites and is gaining immense popularity because of its engaging features. IG reels and Instagram stories are the top-used features of the platform by global audiences every day. Sometimes, a few Instagram stories attract you so much that you want to download them to your gallery to show your friends. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow you to download your favorite Instagram stories in your gallery. However, technology has made it possible to download IG stories without a hassle. Today, we will discuss the top 3 foolproof ways to download Instagram stories.      

Why Do We Need To Download Instagram Stories?

Why Do We Need To Download Instagram Stories?

It is a significant yet challenging task to engage your audience and get chatty with them in a catchy way. Instagram stories can be an easy way to share snippets from your life. You can share your favorite reels, posts, or behind-the-scenes editing work with your followers on your instagram stories. 

If you are a content creator, you must keep a tab on your competitor content creators to understand how they engage their audience via stories. You can download IG stories to seek inspiration from them offline in your leisure time.   

Top 3 Ways To Download Instagram Stories

There can be countless ways of saving Instagram stories in your gallery. You can save them in your camera roll, share them as posts, or keep them in your highlights. However, if you want to download other instagram stories straight into your gallery, you can opt for any of the below ways that impress you.    

Screen Recording 

If you don’t want to take the help of any third-party instagram story downloader or don’t have enough storage to install one, you can easily opt for the screen recording method. Just navigate to the IG account you want to see stories; tap the screen recording icon from your shortcuts and enable it while watching stories. IG stories will get saved in your device’s gallery.     

Third-Party Software Apps

Downloading Instagram stories in your gallery was tough until third-party software apps emerged as a helping hand. These apps work precisely like Instagram’s interface, with a downloading feature available in addition. You can easily install them on your device from the Google Play store, Apple Store, or other app wallets available on your device. Log in to your Instagram account and download your favorite IG stories.      

Online Downloaders

Installing third-party websites can be annoying because of promotional ads or low storage space. Online Instagram downloading tool to save you from indulging in any installation hassle. They are super easy to use and more accessible than third-party apps. Online instagram story downloaders also don’t ask you to do any sign-up or login information. 

Insta Stories Viewer: The Best Online IG Stories Downloader

Insta Stories Viewer The Best Online IG Stories Downloader

Hundreds of IG Story Downloader tools are available on the internet that may confuse you to decide which one could better satisfy your needs. Well, I have already solved this problem for you and picked the Insta Stories Viewer as the best tool after trying and testing them. It is a friendly Ig story Downloader that lets you watch stories anonymously and quickly downloads your favorite Instagram stories straight into your gallery.    

Compelling Features 

Insta stories viewer offers you the following compelling features.

  • It works for free and doesn’t charge you a single penny by offering a premium plan.
  • This efficient Ig story downloader can completely conceal your browsing activity while swiping through IG stories.
  • You can use it online and don’t need to get involved in the installation process.
  • It downloads your favorite IG stories quickly in your gallery without any annoying watermark.
  • You can download stories in your desired HD resolution.
  • It doesn’t ask you to do any signup or provide login information.
  • Insta stories viewer has a user-friendly interface. 
  • It is a secure Instagram story downlaoder free from all bugs and malware.
  • This web-based Instagram story downloader is compatible with all digital devices, including PCs and mobile devices.   

Bottom Line 

Instagram is an efficient social media platform, and its content is entertaining all generations. If you are a businessman, content creator, or just a mere Insta user, you must have felt attracted to a few IG stories that you wanted to download in your gallery. We discussed some foolproof ways to download Instagram stories in this article.

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